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The reveal that Magda has been faking her injury plays into the idea of her being a true telenovela supervillain — I mean, she ends up with a hook hand and eye patch! A true betrayal! At the very least, because of this treachery, we are granted two gifts. Yes, this one is quite similar to that whole Elodea Gale Vigor Scholarship thing, but this reveal is a bit more emotionally gutting to our protagonist.

In short, this one really stung. OMG, I know! Or does it? And he lied about it to Jane for six months! This is not the most memorable twist, nor the most shocking Rafael and Michael really hated each other, remember? Remember this: Michael accusing Rafael of telling the police that he let Nadine go when he first discovered she was working for Sin Rostro, and then Michael and Raf getting into a physical altercation over it baby Mateo gets cut with glass!

It has a lot of emotional ramifications.

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Although by now you may have forgotten about our good friend Nadine, this reveal was another great example of how well Jane sets up these twists. Nadine just seemed like a skeptical, grounded partner — a foil to Michael, who had a penchant for jumping to conclusions. Very sneaky, Nadine! Very sneaky, show! Both Jane the Virgin and I are very into twin shenanigans.

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Aaron is the one who was impaled when Roman wanted to fake his death to get away from Sin Rostro. Just a real, classic telenovela moment here. Even evil crime lords fall in love! One of the most heart-warming twists to ever twist! Who can resist a last-minute surprise declaration of love! We would want to watch that!

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What a story! Oh, you guys, this was an excellent season-ending twist. Up until that point, Jane had never been directly involved in the Sin Rostro stuff. Everything changes after this arc — for all of the main players. Emilio Solano certainly has a type. Very cool mother-son bonding activity! Not like we needed another crime lord on this show, but the news does send Rafael reeling for a while.

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A fitting end all around, honestly. Just because it was inevitable does not make it any less heart-wrenching. He remembers his life with Jane and, yes, his heart still glows for her. The moment itself is beautiful and devastating all at once.

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Technically these are two seperate twists, but they are tied together by a very clever play on words from Our Narrator. What is it about YA-novels and their unexpected plot twists? Like most teenagers, Anna is just trying to figure out who she is, and who she wants to be in her life.

Bernadette Fox is losing her mind — or is she actually the only sane person she knows? Hilarious and frustrating and just plain bananas at times, this novel will take you on a rollercoaster ride from Seattle to Antarctica and back. Image: Fotolia. Ce Miller.

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