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Plot Overview

All five turn on the story of the destruction of the sinful city of Sodom as originally recounted in Genesis. During the years of the captivity in Babylon subject of the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament a young Israelite is employed transcribing the story of Abraham and his nephew Lot, creating the myth of Sodom which has prevailed for most of Jewish and Christian history.

This conflict is made still more explicit in the fourth episode which tells of the travels in Egypt and then the Holy Land of an English Anglican priest, who is determined to locate the ruins of Sodom. Religion Sexuality reviews.

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Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Yes, only three men of such genius to add to and permanently change the language itself in all years, so rare is the great dance maker.

Three Versions of the Watchers’ Sin

Petipa arrived in St. Petersburg in and lived there for more than 50 years, dying in at the age of By Petipa was forced to retire, and the Imperial Theaters were floundering. But within only six years Serge Diaghilev brought Russian ballet back to Paris, the place of its birth — his company, the Ballets Russes, never danced in Russia — and unleashed a frenzy of modernist creativity the results of which were widespread and groundbreaking.

Working together and separately, they would become two of the great artists of Time, their shared subject.

Of Men And Angels

View all New York Times newsletters. Homans provides good overviews of the major players of the 20th century. The British Antony Tudor William Cook and the American Jerome Robbins Jerome Rabinowitz each get an in-depth assessment; together they form the angst-driven sadists — onstage and off — of 20th-century ballet, and each created a few classic ballets. His torture of his dancers and others — he named names before the House Committee on Un-American Activities — was matched only by his well-earned self-hatred.

The language of court and Christianity. When she finally reaches the story of Georgi Balanchivadze, her book takes flight.

The Benei Elohim, the Watchers, and the Origins of Evil -

Her writing becomes inspired. Moreover, it actually feels as if she wrote the book in order to get to Balanchine, the one she loves, to put him in his deepest context, and to present him as the pinnacle of the towering pyramid of dance that she has built for him, for us. Few doubted that Balanchine towered over them all.

While it took a Frenchman, Petipa, to make ballet Russian, it took a Russian, Balanchine, to make it American — the most unlikely transposition the art form has ever experienced.

Of Men and of Angels

The story of Balanchine has been told before and at greater length, but never better. The opening of the School of American Ballet in , the short-lived companies, the work on Broadway, in Hollywood, and then in the birth of the New York City Ballet, the incubator for him and his dancers, where he produced his greatest work. Woman is the world and man lives in it. But ballet always seems to be ending; it has been finished, in fact, many times. And in , F.