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Mastering UDK game development

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Mastering udk game development

Harry Potter. Popular Features. He also dazzled with written reviews on the latest video game titles, and talking to clients about potential advertising coverage within the magazine and online, not to mention designing a new weekly newsletter and PR website. In September , he wrote his first published book, Unreal Development Kit Beginner's Guide , which teaches the fundamentals of level design and how to implement level design, lighting, environmental effects, movement, terrain, map creation, item placement, kismet, materials, and complex event sequences using the Unreal Engine.

He was also a technical reviewer for another published book, Unreal Development Kit iOS Development , which serves as an introduction to mobile gaming deployment on iOS devices. He is currently reviewing two new books dedicated to UDK that are due out in In his spare time, he focuses more on freelance design and development work with up-and-coming companies and he loves to ramble on about video game news. In , he plans to start his very own video game podcast where he will continue to ramble on about the latest news from the gaming world and review and preview titles, and much more.

Hamish Woodman has studied landscape architecture and teaches high school Art and Technology at Victoria University of Wellington.

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A truly powerful tool for game development, there has never been a better time to use it for both commercial and independent projects. By using this book, you will be able to create a two-dimensional-style platformer, a rail-shooter spaceship, as well your very own custom HUD. We then move on to more advanced projects, such as the creation of an inventory system for a Western RPG, complete with dynamic objects that can be dropped anywhere in the game world.

On top of all of this, you'll also learn how to quickly and efficiently create modular environments within the UDK itself. You'll discover how you can exploit the UDK to the fullest extent, making it possible to create a series of exciting projects within the UDK. We will also use the popular industry tool Scaleform in Flash to create user experiences.

Finally, we will also go over how to get started in UnrealScript. By learning about advanced functionality via engaging practical examples, you too can take your game to the next level and stand out from the crowd. Project 1, Advanced Kismet — Creating a Third-person Platformer , starts by creating a side-scrolling platformer game using the three-dimensional engine to create two-dimensional gameplay. Project 2, Terror in Deep Space , will have us creating a three-dimensional rail-shooter game where the player controls a ship.

This ship can move around the screen and shoot projectiles out.

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Project 3, Terror in Deep Space 2: Even Deeper , will have us continuing along the same path as the previous project. Custom textures can be imported using the editor, and custom materials can be created using the material editing tools included in UnrealEd. Custom meshes and animations are imported using ActorX. For more information on getting started making and importing custom art and audio, as well as creating levels with the UDK, check out the UDK Content Creation page.

Feel free to contribute to help build the UDK community!

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Need help moving stuff to a new build try the New Build Workflow page! Additional Resources Blogs From time to time, our developers post workflow tips and technquies that have helped them squeeze the most out of the Unreal Engine, as well as previews of upcoming features.

Check out the Video Tutorials page to see what's available. Check out these chapters from the Mastering Unreal book series If you are looking for the Unreal Engine 4 documentation, please visit the Unreal Engine 4 Documentation site.