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Second Thoughts by Caroline Anderson. The Spice of Life by Caroline Anderson. A Man of Honour by Caroline Anderson. Anyone Can Dream by Caroline Anderson. Love Without Measure by Caroline Anderson.

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Tender Touch by Caroline Anderson. The Real Fantasy by Caroline Anderson. The Ideal Choice by Caroline Anderson. Definitely Maybe by Caroline Anderson. Sarah's Gift by Caroline Anderson. Just a Family Doctor by Caroline Anderson. A Mother by Nature by Caroline Anderson.

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Accidental Rendezvous by Caroline Anderson. The Perfect Christmas by Caroline Anderson. The Baby Bonding by Caroline Anderson. Christmas by Caroline Anderson. Desperate for some time to think, she travels to Scotland alone. Yet, within a day Rob is by her side, begging her for an explanation.

It's now or never - and so, Laurie is forced to pose 'the baby question' Community Nurse Janna Murray loved her job in the Remote Highland village by the sea, and if her private life was less happy, then she was willing to settle for contentment. All her life she had loved and idolised Finlay MacGregor, now Dr MacGregor, until he had let her down at a most crucial moment in her life. Janna had never really forgiven Finn, and now that he was coming home to take over as the local GP she knew it was going to be seriously difficult to work with him, more so when he behaved as if they were still loving friends Falling for a single Dad.

Now that she's talked herself into the junior registrar post, Dr. Only, she hadn't counted on working with the irresistible consultant, Robert Ryder! It's not long before Frankie realises she's falling for this handsome single-dad, and his young daughter, too But if there's any chance of this duo becoming three, Frankie must first convince little Jane of her love. Without his daughter's approval, she knows she'll lose Robert forever!

Audley Memorial Hospital - where romance is the best medicine of all. Because of her looks, staff nurse Clare Stevens had always had a problem fending off men, but when senior orthopaedic registrar Michael Barrington arrived at Audley Memorial, Clare let down her guard. He was quite perfect and she knew he must have had a similar problem with women 'all over him like a rash'! Their empathy seemed too good to be true, but it was really love at the first sight. How could they know that their love would be tested by the cruellest cut of all?

It should have been so simpleAll architect Sam Bradley intended was a visit to his grandparents, but he hadn't allowed for the weather! A blizzard brought him to a standstill by a run-down farm, and he'd just met Jemima and her dogs when the power failed! That led to some funny-and not so funny-mishaps!

Sam might not be a countryman, but he was totally gorgeous, and his strength around the farm was a godsend. But before Jemima would allow herself to fall in love with Sam, she did begin to wonder when he would remember her But practitioner Hugh Barber is in a fix and he needs a secretary now. Hugh's impressed-not only by Judith's secretarial skills, but also by her warmth and courage. As a single father of two he knows how tough and lonely her life must be. Judith 's company is something Hugh comes to cherish, and as Christmas approaches he can't help proposing to her.

But with three youngsters between them tensions emerge, and their children's happiness has to come first. Except life apart is unbearable, and Hugh and Judith know they all really need each other-they just have to find a way to have the most wonderful Christmas ever She has one rule and one rule only: It's a sure-fire way to prevent heartbreak-and, after all, how hard can it be?

But Laura wasn't expecting to share a house with surgical registrar Gavin Jones. Thankfully, it seems to be working-he's the guy-friend she's never had! And then, quite out of the blue, his tender touch and her awareness of Gavin as a very sexy man opens Laura's eyes. Staff Nurse Anna Jarvis adores her work in Audley memorial Hospital's Emergency Department,, even though combining a full-time job with looking after her adorable four-year-old daughter Flissy has its complications!

However, breathtakingly handsome Patrick Haddon-the new senior registrar-is a complication that Anna doesn't need. She might not have announced Flissy's existence to all and sundry, but by the look of the ring on his finger it's clear that Patrick's keeping a few secrets of his own. Senior registrar Dr Jo Harding had hoped she might get the job as Consultant in Gynaecology at Audley Memorial Hospital, but instead it went to Alex Carter-the man she had one glorious stolen night with four years ago.


He might still be irresistible, but Jo has to fight her temptation-not least of all because their night had far-reaching consequences which Alex, as yet, knows nothing about Now, juggling working again as Senior House Officer in Gynaecology at Audley Memorial with being a single mum is challenging, even with the support of her good friends Jo and Maggie. And it's about to get even more so! With Jo going off on honeymoon, a locum is about to replace her-and it's oh-so-irresistible Jake Hunter When Dr Bronwen Jones returns to work after the birth of her now fifteen-month-old daughter it's nerve-racking enough to be thrust in at the deep end of Audley Memorial Hospital's busy Emergency Department.

But coming face to face with Oliver Henderson, the brilliant young consultant general surgeon she once loved, has sent her stress levels through the roof He was forbidden fruit then-and she had to leave-but now?

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  5. He doesn't behave like a man who's still married but she has to find out-because one thing's for sure: Bron still loves him It's clear that Sam thinks she's the prodigal granddaughter returned, but when she crumples at learning that her grandfather has passed away Sam realises he's made a mistake. And there's more to come, because Sam has been left the practice and there's a chemistry between him and Lydia that can't be denied.

    Can they overcome their differences and give in to the passion within? She soon discovers what a very good doctor he is-particularly with the pregnant mums. But Matt is still getting over the loss of his wife and child and, while he makes it clear he would love to have an affair with Polly, he no longer wants any commitment.

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    If ever a man has good husband and father written all over him it's Matt, and Polly is determined to save him from himself! He's determined to pursue the passionate woman he knows lies beneath her buttoned-up demeanour with his warm and humorous charm. Even discovering Lizzie's reasons for trying to protect herself fails to deter him-in fact he's simply more convinced that Lizzie deserves her chance at love and happiness.

    Lizzie is deeply attracted; can she truly let down her guard and trust this man, for better or worse?

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    Not the Wilds of Scotland. But Dr Rob Buchanan is desperately in need of help with his widespread medical practice , and he reluctantly allows Jamie to stay for a trial period. Protective of his small daughter, and wary after his wife's deception, Rob refuses to accept the deep attraction building between himself and Jamie.

    His resistance will be one great mountain to climb, but Jamie is determined to break down his barriers Dr Cathy Harris, busy GP and single mum, wants to bring her little boy up in the country and the Cotswolds seems the ideal choice. Until she meets brooding but gorgeous Dr Max Armstrong.

    The Surgeon's Miracle Caroline Anderson 3. The Wedding of the Year St. Piran's Hospital 1 Caroline Anderson 3. Tempted by Dr. Best Friend to Wife and Mother? Caroline Anderson 3. Caring for His Baby Caroline Anderson 3.

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    Christmas Eve Baby Caroline Anderson 3. A Mommy for Christmas Caroline Anderson 3. Their Miracle Baby Caroline Anderson 3. A Perfect Hero Caroline Anderson 4. Chemical Reaction Heartbeat Caroline Anderson 4. Mother of the Bride Caroline Anderson 3. Risk of a Lifetime Caroline Anderson 3. Relative Ethics Caroline Anderson 4.

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    Just Another Miracle! The Pregnancy Surprise Caroline Anderson 3. Delivered: One Family Caroline Anderson 3. Sarah's Gift Caroline Anderson 4. Just Say Yes! The Pregnant Tycoon Caroline Anderson 3.

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    Valtieri's Bride Valtieri, 2 Caroline Anderson 3. From Christmas to Eternity Caroline Anderson 4. More Than Time Caroline Anderson 3. Second Thoughts Caroline Anderson 4. The Spice of Life Caroline Anderson 4. Love Without Measure Caroline Anderson 4.