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For how long? Thx very much.

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Dave this is good information. Thanks so much for putting it together! I have a tiny little bit of criticism for you. You may not care for it at all but I appreciate this kind of input. It detracts for an otherwise great presentation.

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After some research I found buying and reselling textbooks an idea people agree on. However I also read mostly on Amazon own seller central blog that several books and textbooks in particular are increasingly becoming restricted items for small and not so small sellers, a policy that started about a year ago. What are your thoughts about how these restrictions affect the business of selling books, and more specifically textbooks, for small time sellers? And if textbooks are no longer an option, what book category you think is still worth doing and which gives a big ROI?

Great questions! I still have a lot of success with niche books and collectible books which I buy on Ebay and flip on Amazon. Graphic novels and trade paperbacks do pretty well, too. Dave, this is an odd one. Would FBM be the place to start? Excellent blog, by the way — and remarkable for your responses! Congrats on publishing! Either way, honestly. Amazon also offers Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space services for self-published authors, which are both totally cool. KDP is all digital. And Create Space is print-on-demand.

I have a few hundred books, mostly cookbooks, and mysteries. They are all in excellent condition. How do I know what price to put, or does Amazon price the books when I send to them? I have not signed up yet with Amazon but will do so shortly. You set your own prices. How you price them depends on the popularity of the book plus current prices. If your books are VG or better, then you can price those accordingly. However, I would only do this with books that have a BSR 1,, or lower. Otherwise, they could take forever to sell. I usually never buy Acceptable or Good condition myself. Hey, Dave!

Quick question. I never even wanted any of that.

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I wanted the Individual and free option. They said that a lot of people have been having this same question to them lately and that is what they have been telling them to do. Have you encountered this? I saw someone in your comments just 20 days ago say that he was able to make an individual account. Not fair! Please shed some light on this if you will. Hate to admit it, but Amazon can be somewhat buggy sometimes on their back end.

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What should I do with those books? Also, how sustainable is it to sell used books? Can you find enough book deals to make a decent income?

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But I found the private label method to be much much easier. I signed up to sell on Amazon on the individual plan. It pulls up my book with all the current listings already on Amazon. Instead it comes up and says Listing Limitations Apply.

It also says this :. New; Used: Like new conditions You are not approved to list this brand and we are currently not accepting applications. Refurbished condition You are not approved to list this product and we are not accepting applications at this time. We should not need approval to sell textbooks should we?? It depends on the brand.

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Thank you, Dave! Meaning, on a pallet, where books are grouped into packages of 5 and shrinkwrapped? Amazon will sort them when they arrive. What would be the best Amazon program to start with, since I want to focus on the US market, and also on the English speaking market in Europe? I am unable to find these answers, any help would be greatly appreciated.

http://senrei-exorcism.com/images/track/how-to-set-up-phone-locate-galaxy-m20.php Thank you in advance for your time to respond! Congrats on self-publishing! Private label is something Jungle Scout specializes in. Do the pro account if you plan on selling at least 40 copies per month. I have at least children books, at least of those are in Spanish, plus at least more books of varies different genres. Most of them are about personal development, religious and spiritual growth, teaching techniques and financial advise.

Should I start with the children books? Most of my books are in great condition. Just be sure to check their value before listing them.

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Thanks Dave. I am now less anxious of selling on Amazon. I have a cool collection of old and rare books I need to liquidate.

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I have been listing on Ebay without much luck. It is worth giving Amazon a shot. I needed to know about the fee structure and the condition guidelines and you did it for me. Many thanks! I sent a previous comment yesterday. I just want to consent to your saving my name, email, etc. In , I inherited about books from my mother, who was a city librarian for 37 years and who salvaged these books when the library culled its collection to make room for new books.