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Diced grilled chicken breasts add a protein punch, pecans add some crunch, and crumbly feta gives the wrap a tangy flavor. Hearty chicken provides protein, while tomatoes and cucumbers add nutrients and crunch. Topped with a creamy tzatziki sauce made from feta, Greek yogurt, and olive oil, it all comes together in a soft pita. Mexican food is a tough cuisine to make vegan, but it is possible to go meat free without sacrificing flavor.

Placed atop a bed of crunchy romaine and layered with onions and bell peppers, this may become your new Taco Tuesday favorite. We love us some quinoa, but if fatigue has set in with the seed, bulgur—a close relative—is equally healthy and delicious, and packs in more fiber than pretty much any other grain. A cinch to assemble, these rolls are filled with lentils, tomatoes, red onion, parsley, and refreshing mint. The star of many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes for centuries, the chickpea is one of those ingredients that tastes good pretty much any way you prepare it.

The best part? The wraps keep for days, so you can whip up a batch on Sunday and check dinner off the to-do list for days to come. The trendy and surprisingly high in calcium collard leaf is the wrapper for these vegan, Asian-inspired rolls. The creamy, zesty ginger dressing adds a kick of flavor plus potentially cold-busting properties, making the wrap a great winter dish for lunch or dinner. Try adding quinoa for an extra dose of protein.

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But this take on the ooey-gooey fave changes all that. All of that melty, creamy goodness is squeezed between two grilled slices of bread. Quite possibly.

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After roasting until tender, beets are cooked in sherry wine before cozying up to a thick layer of goat cheese and arugula. Spinach; artichoke hearts; and a mixture of mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and provolone are blended together for a rich spread that tastes even better between bread than it does on chips. In the mood for a creamy broccoli cheddar soup but lacking the time to baby-sit a pot? This sandwich is sure to satisfy the craving without all the fuss, and with a lot less cream.

Broccoli rabe is paired with roasted red peppers and provolone for a quick and delicious alternative made from minimal, wholesome ingredients.

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Canned tuna can feel a little uninspired, but there are many innovative ways to climb out of a tuna salad rut. The capers, oregano, and lemon juice in this recipe give the fish a tangy, salty twist, and the lycopene-rich tomatoes add juicy flavor and a pop of color. Top with provolone and behold your new go-to recipe for a quick lunch. Trust us, it will make this sandwich taste that much better.

Sheet pan breakfast for the win! Then it's cooked slow and low on the barbecue to make the juiciest, most tender roast beef. This vegan version features "ground beef" and Sriracha ketchup for a flavourful twist. To lighten this up further, enjoy the beef on top of a kale salad, romaine lettuce or quinoa.

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Tyler slow-roasts it and then adds a tangy cider vinegar barbecue sauce. Serve on hamburger buns, and don't forget to add some of that spicy slaw. The swap is simple and yields a unique result that takes chicken salad from precious to punchy. Pile high on a soft sesame seed bun with a generous helping of the slaw.

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  6. Talk about tasty! Wild, smoked salmon, maple mustard coleslaw and spicy Sriracha mayo are layered in this mouthwatering combo of Asian and Western flavours. This year, skip the stuffy affair and make the main event a fun, casual feast with these succulent pulled turkey sandwiches. Feeding a family day in and day out can be exhausting, not to mention expensive! Carving out a little bit of time once per week to cook ahead of time may save you tons of time and hundreds of dollars. Sometimes batch cooking refers to cooking the basics in large amounts to eat all week and it sometimes refers to prepping and freezing large amounts of fully assembled dinners.

    Consider thinking beyond your evening meal, too. Take a look at these recipes to cook once eat all week. Burritos are the ultimate make-ahead meal. Easily transform this recipe to accommodate your gluten-free or vegetarian diet. Rolls of pasta, spinach, and cheese please all of the senses.

    This dish makes for a great next-day lunch or dinner.

    Roasted chicken is a versatile protein that you can eat all week. Stew is a perfect make-ahead meal, and this recipe is full of root vegetables for an extra healthy kick. If you want to fill your freezer with meals, make a few batches of stew, let it cool, and pour into large gallon-size Ziplock bags. Lay them flat in your freezer to take up less space.

    Big flavor is packed into this slow cooker recipe that is great to keep in the fridge all week for a quick hot sandwich. Find a great sale on beef and double or triple this recipe! Buy a few extra avocados and have a fresh one each time you indulge in this flavor-filled and healthy soup. Make a big batch of these oven fajitas and eat them all week- pack them for lunch, have dinner leftovers, or make a big fajita salad and top with sour cream or salsa.