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Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission. You can sign up right here. This incredible business book comes as the culmination of everything Tim Ferriss has worked on over the past decade. The roster of people Tim cites and pulls advice from in this book is insane. I know, I know… two books in a row from Tim Ferriss? Reading this business book is one of the most affordable investments you can make in your future as an entrepreneur.

Vaynerchuk offers fresh tactical advice on how to become a household brand on social channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat; podcast platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, and iTunes; and other emerging platforms like Musical. His content has actually fueled many blog post ideas for my site. In the book, Gladwell focuses on finding groups of successful people and uncovering exactly how they achieved their level of professional or personal success.

Everything you need to know about building a company customers love.

He argues that success is closely connected to opportunity and the amount of time people spend practicing their craft. It forces you to be innovative. This business book is particularly unique in the productivity space because it offers up a new definition of what it means to be productive. Personally, I love it. Do you agree? Tell me what you think of Start with Why in the comments below. Sinek does a great job of speaking in motivational quotes within his writing too, so you can expect to find a lot of inspiration from what you read in Start with Why.

The Lean Startup offers entrepreneurs a way to validate business ideas , test their visions continuously, to adapt and modify before any real damage is done. Coming from Inc. Well, this business book by my friend, Jeff Haden , takes motivation to a much deeper level. Rather, motivation is a result of process, not a cause.

Embracing our fears, faults and uncertainties to begin finding the courage, honesty, responsibility we seek. What reads as 2 parts deep life advice and 1 part comedy, keeps you engaged and anxiously anticipating what comes next—especially when listening on Audible. Author Ben Horowitz is a co-founder and general partner of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

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It topped most of the bestseller lists and spent more than 60 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. In this business book, Pulitzer Prize—winning reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the edge of scientific discoveries, explains why habits exist and how they can be proactively changed to create positive results in our lives. This business book will give you the foundation for creating success-driving habits. More than 4 million people have attended his live events over the past couple of decades.

In this unlikely business book, author Chris Voss knows the feeling all too well. In Never Split the Difference , he shares the skills that helped him succeed—and how those strategies can be used to become more persuasive as an entrepreneur. This business book takes a close look at the power of innovation. The key to progress, according to Thiel, is learning to think for yourself. When you do something new, you are moving from 0 to 1 hence, the title.

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In this business book, Zero to One , he lays out how to train yourself to be an innovator. Why do things like this happen? Gladwell argues that there are particular personality types that deliberately work to push ideas to the tipping point. You may wonder why a book about the U. In one word: Leadership. Each chapter takes a principle that a great leader has demonstrated and shows how the principle works in practice. When you have traction, you can raise funds on your own terms, hire the best talent, garner press, establish partnerships and sell to whomever you choose.

Traction is proof that your business is on the right track. As the title suggests, it teaches you how to effectively work with other people, how to become a better manager, leader and connector. Carnegie covers much more than just trying to convince people to agree with you in this book. It also shows that if you want to get along with people, you have to be genuinely nice to them and show an interest in their lives. This business book is designed to educate you about business in your own time at comparatively little cost.

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He believes that the only person you can fully believe in is yourself. What exactly is a purple cow?

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This is a classic business book for marketers and people looking to build their marketing skills. Interestingly enough, it seems to polarize most readers. The core message of this business book is that if you want to grow rich, buy things that generate income. Author Susie Moore has written this business book as a motivator for readers to get pumped up about pursuing the life they really want to live. We know from research in psychology that our decisions are disrupted by an array of biases and irrationalities.

Authors Sean Wise and Brad Feld elaborate on this conviction of theirs in this phenomenal business book. Startup Opportunities is a practical guide to help you evaluate your business ideas. If you want to learn more from this talented duo, listen to their interview on my podcast, right here. In Essentialism , author Greg McKeown shows how this is not a sustainable happy way to go through life. In fact, in this business book, he outlines how you can actually get more done in life by doing less.

The Way of the Essentialist is about getting only the right things done and not wasting your time on unproductive, unimportant, and often under-appreciated tasks. With a 4. This business book demonstrates how virtue can impact every kind of personal and professional situation. Leadership is based on virtue and virtue can be developed, grown and deepened for anyone.

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He began his adult life as a homeless high school dropout, sleeping in abandoned buildings in Detroit. He rose from this lifestyle to become a successful husband, father, CEO, educator, motivational speaker and author. This business book is an autobiography that chronicles his difficult rise to where he is today. The premise of this business book is that if you hope to reach the highest level of performance as an entrepreneur, you need to change your mindset to think with the Entrepreneur Mind.

Originals is about improving the world through using original, novel, non-conforming ideas. In this business book, Grant shows you how to become a non-conformist by examining several real-life examples in the world. The first edition came out in and even the current second edition dates back to The idea that validating your business idea before you go all in is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur. It provides you with the key metrics you need to understand and focus on in the early process of collecting feedback and getting your product to market.

This business book also provides a clear introduction to the philosophy of The Lean Startup. This is a great business book to read before getting started on your business idea. Most people operate with three degrees of action in a situation—no action, retreat, or normal action. In this business book, Cardone argues that in order to succeed in life, you first need to set massive goals and then take massive action towards meeting those goals.

In simple terms, The 10X Rule teaches you to aim high and work harder.

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In fact, both your goal and the effort you put in towards achieving it should be 10x greater than would have been the case before reading this business book. Steve Jobs has certainly left his mark in the world of business. This biography is based on extensive interviews that Isaacson conducted with Steve Jobs and those who knew him.

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These disciplines are focus, leverage, engagement, and accountability. The authors lay out ways they believe your business can implement and accomplish these disciplines. In recent years, people have discovered that our emotional intelligence known as EQ is just as important as our IQ for a successful life. However, while our IQ is to a large extent fixed, particularly our biological intelligence, it is much easier to improve our EQ. The premise of this business book is that emotional intelligence is considered to be one of the fundamental foundations for building a solid character.